join-now-buttonWe welcome you to 100 Women Who Care in San Miguel de Allende. We invite you to become part of this powerful group and to have a positive impact on those in need here in the San Miguel area, without the time-consuming effort we all associate with fundraising. (Yes, it IS possible!)

To date we have raised $2,291,570 pesos for our community.

Our Next Meeting:
Monday, July 15, 2019
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Location: Rosewood Hotel 

Full house

Our mission is to reach out and help our community with 100+ to each contribute $1,000 pesos four times a year, that’s a goal of $400,000 annually, to local charities. All charities and organizations up for consideration must be in the San Miguel area. The idea is to keep it local and have an impact that we can see in our community. If $1,000 pesos is too steep for you each time, bring a friend or friends and join as a team.


This group is perfect for you if:

  • you want 100% of your donations to go directly to a local charity in your community
  • you don’t have time in your busy life for a consistent volunteer commitment
  • you want to be part of creating a powerful new group that will make an immediate, direct and positive impact on your community

Recipients are:

Date Peso Amount NGO
April 22

Jan – 19





Casa Hogar Guadalupano Mexiquito

Casa Hogar Corazon Valiente

Ranchero Pandiero, a project of CASA

Jul-18 115,450 Mitigare Care Association (Hospice)
Apr-18 112,450 Ojala los Ninos
Jan-18 100,000 Instituto de Rehabilitación y Enseñaza Especial
Jan-18 5,650 Camino de la Paz
Jan-18 5,650 Patranado Pro Ninos
Oct-17 70,750 The Yurt Building Project
Oct-17 70,750 SMA Chapter of Red Cross
Jul-17 100,000 So Others May Eat
Jul-17 9,125 Amino de la Paz
Jul-17 9,125 Casa Hogar Guadallupano Mexiquito
Apr-17 100,000 Caminos de Agua
Apr-17 2,375 SPA
Apr-17 2,375 Ojala Ninos
Jan-17 113,000 Escuela de Educacion Especial SMA
Oct-16 120,240 Ninos con Autismo SMA
Oct-16 10,000 SPA
Oct-16 10,000 Mujeres en Cambio
Jul-16 92,820 Ninos con Autismo SMA
Apr-16 100,000 Casita Linda
Jan-16 88,000 Casa de los Angeles
Oct-15 76,250 Apoyo a Gente Emprendedores
Jul-15 65,250 Libros sin Fronteras
Apr-15 67,000 Jovenes Adelantes
Jan-15 73,500 Rural Education Institute
Oct-14 61,500 Centro Infantil San Pablo
Jul-14 61,340 ALMA
Apr-14 58,000 SM Angels for Education
Jan-14 63,450 PEASMA
Oct-13 52,000 Casa Hogar Orphanage
Jul-13 49,900 CATIS
Apr-13 51,900 Murjers en Cambio
Jan-13 37,000 Casa de los Angeles

(see meetings page for more information).

Become one of the 100 Women Who Care in San Miguel de Allende and be a part of something wonderful!

Join us first for a
“Get to Know Each Other Cocktail Hour”
from 3:30 to 4:30 at  Rosewood.
Check-in for our meeting begins at 4:30.
We’ll start at 5 pm on the dot and end in one hour!